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Shinkyaku Bigi

The inetrrogation of captured Chun Li is not bringing any required results so the bad guys are in need of a help from professional – some masked guy with claws known as Vega. And as you will see just a little bit later his long and sharp claws are not just a threatening weapon but also quite useful tool for quick undressing hot and juicy chicks as already mentioned Chun Li…

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Cammy White from “Street Fighter”series is a formidable martial artist, however, she is not without limits – when she has to fight against a bunch of huge muscled dudes there is no wonder that she loses. The fight isn’t over and her opponents have a party to celebrate. She awaits the right time to attack.

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Welcome to Fight Pub

It’s never too late to experiment with something new. Tonight the most gorgeous ladies of “Street Fighter,” will be put through their paces and instead of fighting, they’ll transform into sluts that are free to use that will satisfy the most hardcore fans! Chun Li and Cammy, Sakura and C. Viper and even guests from other popular fighting videogames – tonight they all will be competing for a completely new title!

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